Used car dealers are usually avoided like the plague (Or more relatable, someone with a cough during the COVID-19 pandemic). And it’s not difficult to understand why. Buying a used car has so many negative connotations attached, there are so many variables involved and we often hear the horror stories at a mates braai or on a Facebook group of someone’s bad used car buying experience. Topgear Auto has heard its fair share of horror stories within the industry, and our goal since opening has always been to be the used car dealership that’s different. 

When Mike Bradshaw opened Topgear Auto in the year 2000 with just 1 car in stock, he set out a clear business plan and goal: To offer a fair product, at a fair price. To expand on this, Mike has always taught his sales staff that profit is no swear word, but getting rich at someone else’s expense always will be. This is ingrained in our core values at Topgear Auto, and as a result to simplify our consumer offering, our basis for doing business is complete transparency. We offer a multipoint check through the AA (DEKRA), for peace of mind for ourselves as well as our clients in knowing our product is the best of the best. In addition to this we are registered on the panel of MIOSA (Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa).

Topgear Auto prides itself in being named a family business, although the owner and son work closely together it is not for this reason we are classified as a family oriented business. Our staff compliment is long lasting, if you deal with one of our salesmen today, chances are good that in the next 4 years you’ll find your representative again and get the same transparent Topgear Auto experience, while our ground staff will also give you a warm welcoming back. 

We want what’s best for YOU. We understand that everyone has different needs in a vehicle, and we want to best cater for this either with the fitment of necessary extras for your needs, or a finance solution that best suits your budgetary requirements. Did we mention we are on the panel of all major banking institutions in South Africa? Our business relationship with Wesbank, ABSA, Standard Bank and MFC is in place to benefit our clients. We will always fight for the best interest rates and finance agreements to suit our clients needs. 

Lastly, we will never hard sell you into any one of our cars. We don’t believe in it, that’s how buyers remorse happens. If we see that it’s not going to be a great fit we will leave it at that, and you’re most welcome to send us any cars you may come across for our professional opinion. We want to add value to the market and the motor industry by looking after our fellow people. We are here for the long game, and are not going anywhere anytime soon. We buy, sell and love cars: It’s what we do. Let us know how we can assist you.

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