How To Buy Pre-owned Vehicles

Buying pre-owned? Search the net better!

In this day and age, it couldn’t be simpler to find your next dream car, with a multitude of online sites catering for just that. However, there are some tricks that will help save you time and assist in shortening long pages of results into exactly what you are looking for by sifting through the weeds.

Below we discuss a few ways to ensure you find the car that’s just right for you and give you some tips on how to protect yourself from fly by night dealers and scamsters.


Firstly let’s go thro

ugh a few of the sites recommended for your search, it’s important to note that some websites charge car dealers monthly advertising fees, this is important as generally a dealer advertising on top tier websites means they are trustworthy. A scamster will usually use free services, hence it’s recommended to be wary of those. Topgear Auto recommends using AutoTrader, as a starting point to finding your car of choice. They are easy to navigate, have a multitude of approved dealerships and are a lot more legitimate than looking in a classifieds for example. 



It’s good to understand what you are looking to spend. If you are a cash buyer you should input your minimum and maximum values into the sliding scale found on the sliding scale on the right-hand side of both AutoTrader and If however, you are going to be financing your car, it’s good to understand what monthly repayment you can afford, and then find out what that would equate to in a cash scenario so that you stay within your monthly target. It’s recommended to use the finance calculator here: and work backwards from there.


Brands/Car Type:

Now that you have filtered cars into your respective price bracket, it’s time to decide what car brands or car type you would consider buying. We recommend selecting all of the car brands or types you would consider at once, as you can then cross-compare at a later stage.

From here, there are more options, fuel type, automatic or manual, even colour. Go through them carefully and select what your prefered car would have. Things start to get exciting when the number of cars available goes from let’s say 20 000 to around the 200 mark. Your car is in there somewhere! 


Bargain hunting:

Many people stop after the above steps and browse through the options until they create a shortlist, although this will work it’s recommended to sort these results you’ve spent some time making into a finances-friendly list… Go ahead and hit the sort by price (Lowest to Highest) this will ensure as you scroll down the lowest priced deals come up at the top, however something to note is that on AutoTrader there are adverts called premium listings. This means that if a dealer pays substantially more, even after your sorting, you will see their cars first. So it’s recommended to look at those, but also to remember to scroll past and see what other cars are hiding below. 


Word of advice:

Although most of the listings on these websites are from reputable dealers, there are always some the slip through the cracks, a general rule of thumb is that if a deal looks far too good to be true it usually is…

We’ve come across many and a general scam being run will be a car falsely advertised. They steal images from dealers like us, and pretend to be selling it at a ridiculously discounted price. Once you enquire, the “dealer” will tell you that many people are interested and if you’d like them to reserve the car you’ll have to put a holding deposit down. Fear of missing out kicks in, you put a deposit down and never hear from them again.


Be safe with your car searching, remember never to put a deposit down unless you are 100% sure you are dealing with a reputable dealer, who will generally never ask for any deposit before you physically see and test drive their car.


For any questions regarding the purchase or sale of a pre-owned car don’t hesitate to inbox us, and if you found value in this short article please like and share.

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